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The Tourism Law of Mongolia was enacted in May 5, 2000 for the first time, since Mongolia shifted to the market oriented economy. Its purpose is to regulate all relationships between state, private citizens and economic entities engaged in tourism business. The law outlines a definition for tourism, responsibilities and obligations of the state, tourism organisations, special permission requirements, structure, rights and responsibilities of state administrative and overseeing organisations for the tourism sector, arrangements for the development of tourism related infrastructure and penalties in case of violation of the law. The tourism Law was then amended in November 30, 2001 by enacting the classifications and grading of tour guides, operators and hotels as mandatory. The Government explains that these regulations are necessary to improve the quality of services provided by tourism and related entities. In connection with this law, several regulations were adopted including the following: "State Monitoring Regulation for Tourism" by the Government Resolution dated November 8, 2000. "Regulation of Classification and Grading of Tour Guides" by the Order No. 149 of Minister of Infrastructure dated on May 15, 2002. "Regulation of Classification and Grading of Hotels and Tourist Camps" by the Order No. 150 of Minister of Infrastructure dated May 15, 2002. "Temporary Regulation of Classification of Tour Operators" by the Order No.229 of Minister of Infrastructure dated July 31, 2002.
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