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Our company organizes all types of tours, which you want. If you visit to Mongolia you could see nomadic culture, life style and central Asian natural formation and feel the pleasant of adventure tour. Just visit to us, we will organize everything for you. Please send us an email what type of tour you want do. And we will send you the detailed tour program.

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11. Gun-Galuut National Park Tour TOP New

12. Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu mounastry tour

Horse riding in Khentii mountain range with nomads (code:013)


Tour Length: 14 days

Group size: 3-8 people

Tour cost: 2590 $ - including taxes

Transport type: Horse+ Vehicle

Tou Level: Hard

Schedule 2011: June- September (You can choose when you come and the date.)

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Mongolia Naadam Festival and Gun Galuut National Park – 2011(code:17)


Tour Length: 7 days

Group size: 1-24 people

Tour cost: 1610 $ - including taxes

Transport type: Vehicle

Tou Level: Moderate

Schedule 2011: July 09-15

Highlights: Naadam Festival, National wrestling, Horse racing, Archery, Traditional games, Terelj National Park, Gun Galuut National Park, Kherlen river, Galuut river, Mountain sheeps, Visit nomad families, opportunity to ride horse and much more!

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Gobi disert tour (code:018)


Tour Length: 7 days

Group size: 4-16 people

Tour cost: 1710 $ - including taxes

Transport type: Flights + Vehicle

Tou Level: Moderate

Schedule 2011: June- September (You can choose when you come and the date.)

Highlights: Terelj National Park, Gobi desert, Eagle valley, Khongor sand dunes, Flamming Cliffs, Visit nomad family, oportunity to ride horse, camel and yak and much more!

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