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South & Western Gobi Desert (code:20)

The route take you to some of the most unique and untouched wonders in South and Western Gobi and Western Mongolia. This tour offers you a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the indigenous culture, traditions and lifestyle that have emerged in this part of the country many centuries ago. To make this tour more interesting and exciting, and in order to spend the time more efficiently as well we offer you a direct flight to the South Gobi.


Tour Length:   13 days

Group size:      2 to 12 people

Tour cost:        US$ 2710- (including taxes)

Transport type: Vehicle

Tour level:       Hard

Schedule 2011:  June- September (You can choose when you come and the date.)

Highlights: Ulaanbaatar-one way flight to the South Gobi Desert – Khongoriin Els sand dune - Khermen Tsav Canyon - Khukh Nuur lake – Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur N.P. – Tsenkher Hot Spring – remain of Mongolian ancient capital KharaKhorum –Ulaanbaatar


Day-1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar.
After transferring to a hotel, there will be some sightseeing around town. We visit the Dinosaur Exhibition Hall of the Natural Historical Museum, and Gandan monastery. Dinner at the History Club restaurant offers the chance to hear a wonderful performance of pleasant melodies on the horse-headed violin (the morin khuur) and the famous Mongolian traditional vocal singing, called "Khoomii”. There will be an overnight stay in the hotel.

Day-2 Direct Flight to the South Gobi Desert—Roy Chapman Canyon

Today we fly to the Gobi Desert in the morning and land at the "Bulagtai” local airport.
Our staff will welcome you at the airport and you head off to Bayanzag ("Flaming Cliffs”), where US paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews first found dinosaur eggs in the 1920s. The visit to Bayanzag will furnish you with an opportunity to see pre-historic fossils, ever-shifting sand dunes, and majestic mountains. There will be an overnight stay in a tourist camp next to the entrance of Yoliin Am.

Day-3 Yoliin Am NP – Khongoriin Els Sand Dune ( camel riding )

Yoliin Am ("Vulture gorge”) is one of the most picturesque natural reserves, where you will have the opportunity to see rare animals like wild sheep and ibexes. You can observe these animals in their natural habitat from a distance with the help of binoculars, and, with luck, wild animals may cross your path. The place is full of beautiful flowers and plants .We will drive through Dungeree Gorge, a gorge with a small stream, so narrow that only one car at a time can pass through. The gorge is not often frequented by tourists, and remains mostly known only to local people. There will be an overnight stay at the Khongoriin Els sand dune that stretches for over 100km making it one of the biggest dunes in Mongolia. (B+L+D)

Day-4: Khongoriin sand dune—Golden Mountain

Today we set off to the Nemegt Canyon by passing through the Khongoriin Els dune. The Nemegt Canyon, second largest in Mongolia, contains many kinds of dinosaur fossils, including Ouiraptosauria and Oviraptor. Before our arrival at the Nemegt canyon, we visit Saltwater lake, a habitat of wild donkeys, the intriguing saxaul forest, and the unusual geological rock formation known as Khanan Mountain. (B+L+D)

Day-5: Golden Mountain – Hundred Tree Oasis
We head to the Zulganai oasis, the last such place untouched by human habitation. Further on our route we stop at a site which a natural artesian well emits water from the top of the hillside. Many tourists enjoy washing and cleaning off their desert dust in the cooling water. Here we camp near the oasis "Zulganai”.

Day -6: Zuun mod oasis (hundred tree)-- Boon Tsagaan lake

This day offers us the colorful mountain "Shine Jinst, and the saltwater Boon Tsagaan lake, nestled at the foot of the Gobi- Altai Mountain Range. Marvel at the neolithic rock drawings directly in your path. Enjoy swimming in the beautiful lake. With luck, you will be able to take photos of the sun setting as well as of migrating birds at the lake shore. Overnight in the tents by the lake shore. (Please let see: www,vfoto.org.ru) (B+L+D)

Day-7: Boon Tsagaan Lake –Khuree Maral

Today we drive the endless steppe called "Shalli Khooloi” on our way to the beguiling
Khukh Lake .Here you will witness a unique horse race horse race where local nomads show you how to grab things from the ground on a running horse. You will be amazed by the agility and dexterity of the riders. We overnight in a tent.

Day-8: Khuree Maral –Khukh Lake

On this day our main highlight will be the Khukh Lake. Surrounding a magnificent castle overlooking an alpine meadow, this lake offers a unique setting for summer trout and grayling fishing. The Khangai mountain range in central Mongolia is over 750 km long with an average altitude of 2500-3000 m. The cool, humid coniferous forests of this eco-region support a high species diversity of flora and fauna. Overnight in a tent. (B+L+D)

Day-9 Khukh Lake –Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake NP

We traverse the Khangai Mountain pass at a breathtaking 2800m above sea level.
There is a nice chance to photograph yak herds and explore how the local people take care of their yaks, including how they milk them. If the herd has gentle yaks, you must try the unforgettable experience of yak back riding! Overnight in the tent.

Day-10: Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake NP –Tsenkher Hot Spring

Today we stop at the wonderful natural resort of Khorgo, with beautiful scenery such as mountain cliffs, rivers with rapid streams, lakes, an extinct volcano, green woods and pastures. The Chuluut River flows through the deepest tectonic canyon created from seismic activity. The Tsenkher hot spa offers a health indulgence for tourists and local people. We will have a chance to visit a wonderful local ethnographic museum in the provincial center before stopping at the hot spa. We will stay overnight in a ger tourist camp at the Tsenkher hot spa. This is the ideal place to take a hot bath in natural hot spa water and relax after the long journey through the Mongolian wilderness. Overnight in the "Ger” tourist camp. (B+L+D)

Day-11 : Tsenkher Hot Spring – Little Gobi Desert

This day is filled with visits to historic sites, the most important being KharaKorum, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th century. The imperial site of Kharkhorin was located on the right bank of the Orkhon River, on the north-eastern slopes of the Khangai Mountains. After only forty years of its existence, it became the capital of the Empire for thirty-two years. At this site we will visit Erden Zuu Monastery, built on the ruins of the ancient Mongol capital.
Overnight in the tourist camp right beside of the dunes called "Little Gobi-Desert” .

Day-12 : Little Gobi Desert- Ulaanbaatar .

Breakfast, drive to Ulaanbaatar city, where along the way we visit the place of the re-introduction of the wild horses, known as the Przewalski horse. Today they are again thriving in their native land. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel, after which you have time for shopping and a farewell dinner. Overnight in the hotel. (B)

Day 13: Departure
Breakfast, transfer to the airport/ train station.


B- Breakfast

L- Lunch

D- Dinner



  • Twin bedded rooms in a hotel
  • Shared accommodation in tourist ger camp
  • Guiding and interpreting service
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary
  • Daily supply of bottled water
  • Transfers by vehicle 4x4
  • Local guides
  • All entrance fees
  • Horse, camel, yak ride trial

Not included:

  • international airfare
  • visa cost
  • alcoholic drinks
  • travel insurance
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