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Car Rental

Solid Ways have car rental service that will help when you need a car while you are staying in Mongolia. We are offering you the best car hiring and car rentals' service in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Besides car renting, there is also driver hiring is available. Solid Ways provides the most reliable vehicles with best drivers to make your custom tour more comfortable, a lot more, enjoyable and much safer. Our cars are all in good condition and the drivers are all experienced so well. Please read the given information and make your choice. Please note there's no car rental in Mongolia. Instead we offer cars with drivers.

4WD Japanese jeeps - these are the ones that higher class of Mongolia uses. Needless to say, Japanese jeeps are the most reliable, most comfortable and fastest ones in the world. They are really good at Mongolian dust roads, mountains, mud, water and sandy areas, though, if once break down in remote areas none would be able to mend it straight away, and the fuel is not very common in remote areas. Up to 5 people can drive in it at the same time including the driver.


Types: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc., When driving on dust roads dust won't come into the jeep.

Russian Jeep - UAZ 469: One of the most popular vehicles in Mongolia as it is designed for dust road and tough driving. Being the most common car throughout the country, almost every driver can mend it at any situation. Up to 5 people can ride in including the driver, most convenient vehicle for remote trips. Very good at dusty, bumpy tracks, also good at water, mud and sandy areas. While driving on dust road dust may come into the jeep.

Average charge: 0,35-0,45 $ per km, or in some cases the customers may negotiate with us to pay daily charge including the fuel+driver's food & accommodation. Averagely uses 20 l of petrol for 100 km on dust road.

Russian Minivan: Besides Russian Jeep UAZ 469, this minivan is the most practiced vehicle in Mongolia, so almost every driver can mend it at any situation. Being "Made in Russia", it is really good at tough driving on dust tracks and good at water, mud and sand. And its advantage over the Russian Jeep is "more comfortable". Especially for remote trips, this van can contain up to 8 people including the driver. While driving on dust road dust may come into the van. Average minivan uses 20 l petrol for 100 km on dust road.
Average charge: 0,4- 0,5 $ per km, or in some cases the customers may negotiate with us the daily charge and pay for the fuel+driver's food & accommodation during the trip.


Step 1. Contact Stellatour by e-mail .
Step 2. Tell us the type of vehicle you have chosen and the dates you want to use it.
Please make sure you give as much detail as possible so that your booking is processed promptly and accurately such as traveling destination etc.,
Confirm your special requirements in your e-mail e.g. car sick, etc.,
Step 3. Transfer your deposit to us. It is usually 25-30% of the total payment.
Step 4. Shortly after we receive your deposit, we send you a confirmation letter that stating your booking.

You are asked to transfer some deposit upon your confirmation of the booking for your vehicle and driver. The rest of the payment is to be made upon your arrival.

If for any reason you need to change your travel arrangements, you should notify us 21 days (or stated otherwise on your booking confirmation) prior to the date of arrival, to avoid possible cancellation charges.




13th khoroo,Songinokhairkhan district,

Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA

TEL: (976) + 55156773, (976)+98225662

Email: stella_tour@hotmail.com


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